At its first edition, “Aici pentru tine” Charity Gala was a real success. Almost 100 guests responded positively to the invitation and the event brought in the same place businessmen from Brașov and Romania and different local autorithies.

The guests received a great menu, and the good atmosphere was guaranteed by Trupa 6, Claudia Șuteu, Ioana Bozga and by the children from the Music Highschool and “Dance with me Studio” dance club.

Andreea Marin was the special guest and the MC of this gala, which was made for the children from orphanages and for a special case, Cara Maria, a young woman with a tough live who urgently needs a prosthesis for her leg.

She discovered that she had venous ulcer. For 9 months, she had fought with the disease, but at 31 the doctors told her that her leg must be amputated. After a period and more analyzes, she discovered that she had venous ulcer at her left leg too.

Speed&Trust accepted the invitation at this event, because we want to bring the word together, to become better people and to help the people who really need us. Also, our company received a diploma for “Social Responsibility”, from the organizers for our action in 2016.

“Aici pentru tine” Charity Gala was organized by “Aici pentru tine” Association together with the agency of publicity “AdTeam”.

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Not less than 10 tons of wood were donated by a company from Vâlcea to four families which “Aici pentru tine” Association is responsible for. People were short of wood and they were freezing together with their children.

Last night, the first transport of wood, arrived at two of the families, one from Ghimbav and the other one from Săcele, Brașov county. The representatives of the Association, together with some volunteers, started working and moved the wood.

These days, a new transport will arrive at other two families, from Căpeni and Vama Buzăului. 10 tons of wood, transported with 2 trucks, were donated to these families.

The transports were made by us and they were free of charge. We like to get involved in the life of our community and this is just one good thing from all the things we do.


The charity event “Deschide-ti inima”, 2016 edition, was in 18 November 2016 at Allegria Hotel, Sebeș. The event continued the initiative started in 2015, whose objective was to support the professional schools and education. Another objective was the renovation and provision with different tools and devices for the Technological Highschool from Sebeș. The hostess was Melania Medeleanu, and the music was offered by Haydn Deane & His Big Band. Together with us were the magician Robert Tudor, the dancers from Fantasy Dance Sibiu and Très Bon.

We were delighted for taking part in this event, and we want to thank the organizers. Speed&Trust, we bring the world together!


The story of Mariana Cara is constantly improving. Together with the association “Aici pentru tine” we achieved to renovate the entrance room; it was isolated, to avoid its flooding. With the construction materials needed and the transport guaranteed by Speed&Trust, we went to Vama Buzăului. We are happy because we helped someone. And we will continue. Speed&Trust, we bring the world together!