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More than 10,000 euros to save two lives. About 350 guests (celebrities, businessmen, authorities) were present at the Aro-Palace Hotel on Friday, February 22, for the third edition of the annual charity event organized by the “Here For You” Association and AdTeam.

Gala, presented as every year by Andreea Marin, had many exciting moments: the presentation of the two serious medical cases for which the association raised money, the presentation of fashion by the children of the association, but also the presentation of the successful case of social reintegration , Elisabetei Căldărar.Invitaţii were very pleased with the artistic moments of the evening: the recitals of the singers Adrian Sina, Mihai Traistariu, Liviu Teodorescu and Eduard Ungureanu, the concert of the UNDA band and the show offered by the children of the association together with the children Modeling School Cleopatra Popescu who scattered on stage.

All the money raised (over 10,000 euros) will be directed to Florin, a 11-year-old boy and Bogdan, a 33-year-old, both of whom are in a very difficult life situation. Florin is a wonderful boy who has been fighting since he was born with a serious kidney disease and hip and hip disease.

Florin’s story is tragic: in the first six months of life, although he has undergone intense antibiotic treatments, suffered numerous urinary infections and was hospitalized twice a month in the hospital, then, only 9 months, suffered the first surgery due to hydronephrosis. At the age of 2 years, he was again operated to put his hip back and his left leg was shortened by 4 cm. At 4 years old, after a very serious kidney infection, he was sent to Bucharest, where he was diagnosed with a 5-degree bilateral vezico-ureteral reflux, and was fitted with a tube in the left kidney to remove urine . Since then, the boy always wears this tube, which is changed every 3 months, and prevents him from wearing the bodice to heal the spine.

Florin goes to school with a diaper that drips the urine, and in the last three years has not grown at all in weight or height, having only 12 pounds at 11 years.Bogdan is a freshly daddy and has a wife who loves him but, at 33, is in a desperate situation. He has struggled for several months between life and death, due to severe heart failure, which makes his heart beat 20% of his capacity, being affected by internal organs such as liver, kidney, cholecystect, and venous circulation. His life hangs on a thread and his wife strives to raise 5,000 euros for the cardiac defibrillator to keep him alive until he can make a transplant. “We are most glad that the guests have managed to get in despite the blizzard and strong snow, and that they felt good at the event. The children of the association were truly enticing when they presented themselves on stage as professionals. As we expected, the presentation of the Elisabeth case was a very moving moment.

We believe that her presence on the stage has made people understand how important it is to accept, encourage and respect one another, regardless of the environment we come from, the degree of education, our past, the money which we have (or not). We thank all those present, our partners Andreea Marin, the artists. It was a wonderful evening, because it was an evening we all gathered to do good – and that’s the most important thing, “says Adina Gal, president of the” Here For You “Association. All of them who want to help the association’s cases, even if they have not been at the “Here For You” Gala, can make it at any time through a donation to RO64 BACX account 0000 0010 9580 7001, opened at Unicredit Tiriac.

PARTNERS: AdTeam Brasov, Aro Palace , Avevent Braşov, DO Security, The Famous Fashion House, The Braşov Social Services Directorate, Braşov County Agency for Payments and Social Inspection, “Tudor Ciortea” Music High School Braşov, Coresi Shopping Resort, Artemis Models, Brasov Prefecture, Transilvania Art Galery, Andrei Husti, Funzin Cultural Association, SCUT Association, Serigraphy Brasov, AIL Advertising, Chemarkrom.

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We like to get involved in community life, and alongside the Here For You Association, we’ve been able to do beautiful things. Once again, we have been able to unite the world through Speed & Trust – 24/24 Logistics and Storage. #speedtrust #social #logistics #storage # brasov # romania


Andreea, a 19-year-old from Sibiu, has learned that she is suffering from a serious illness. Past by wrong diagnoses and treatments, he managed to find hope and healing with the help of doctors working in private clinics in Romania and abroad. All this was possible, however, with very high expenses from her parents. But the story does not end here, the fight with the life of life, and those who want to give a helping hand can make it through an online donation on Facebook. Below we invite you to discover the story of Andreea Ioana Floare.

REPORTER: What’s your story? What happened?

ANDREEA: 1 year and 25 days ago, after graduating the high school baccalaureate in the summer, and I had been admitted to college, I was with my mother at the Emergency Hospital in Sibiu, where I was going to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, because doctors could not establish a precise diagnosis after the investigations, I was forced to go with my mother to a private clinic in Cluj, where I was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, copper deposition on the brain. Two days later, I got hospitalized at the Neurology Clinic of the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest. That’s where the avent of my life began. Nearly every day blood is being harvested for analysis, because I was supposed to have another diagnosis daily.

After three weeks of hospitalization, with an absurd diagnosis and expensive treatment, which theoretically had to do to me, it made me much worse because she was experimental. Within a month I’ve gotten to use my hands, to have my convulsive daily, to stop talking about how I did it before, and finally to get immobilized in a wheelchair.

In April of this year I arrived at the Colentina Clinical Hospital, through a person impressed by my case, a lawyer at the base and through my mother’s friend and colleague. Then, after a series of analyzes, which the SUUB doctors did not even think about doing, I came to receive an infusion treatment, and from that moment on, the progress started. I mention that all analyzes to establish my diagnoses have been made in my private system, paid by my parents.

From November to April, I was the patient of a doctor from a private clinic in Bucharest, a renowned physician who misdiagnosed me with encephalitis, and then multiple sclerosis, making bimonthly roads to Bucharest to follow my evolution.

I am currently recovering, but not completely, I managed to overcome wheelchair immobilization, I managed to use my hands again and gradually to re-establish almost normal life.

In June this year, I had to withdraw from college because, due to my illness, I could not even get a day in classes, and the Romanian state university system does not offer the possibility of a medical postponement of a university year .

All this time, we did not just have troubles. During this period, the idea of ​​writing a book, which was launched in June of this year, has sparked in my mind. The book is titled “Between Him and She” and presents the story of my situation.

REPORTER: How did you react when you got the diagnosis?

ANDREEA: Unfortunately, there were more misdiagnosis, mistaken, each received with sadness, but my mother was the one who always did not allow me to cry or give up fighting, forcing me to look ahead with hope, promising me every time that the solutions will be searched if necessary in China, and they will be found, because I have to live.

REPORTER: What did the treatment take and what were the costs?

ANDREEA: Each diagnosis involved another treatment, the huge costs being borne by my parents.

Ioana, alături de mama ei. SURSA FOTO:

REPORTER: How did those around you know? And how did they react?

ANDREEA: The world has begun to learn little by little either from me or from my parents, or from the acquaintances who knew about my situation and the social networks. Most have been to me both physically and spiritually, through a good thought or prayer.

REPORTER: How long have the necessary funds been raised and how?

ANDREEA: Funds have only begun to gather since June, when I asked for help by selling books and raising funds to get to a private hospital in Istanbul.

Support to Andreea came also from Speed ​​& Trust in Braşov, who made a donation with a foundation in Sibiu.

REPORTER: Do you think there are miracles? But God?

ANDREEA: Certainly there is, just as God exists, I am an example. Every time I was on the ground, and I felt I could not, someone appeared to me and gave me the hope that I would be fine. I always prayed to the good God to help me and save me.

REPORTER: Is permanent care needed? A treatment for the rest of your life?

ANDREEA: For now it is necessary to have a person around me because of problems I still have, but in time they will disappear with treatment and alternative therapies such as Bowen therapy or Aromatherapy. Treatment will take a lifetime if the final diagnosis is confirmed, which is an autoimmune disease with brain damage called Neurobehcet.

REPORTER: How do you see your future now?

ANDREEA: After I’ve gone through this monster, I do not have the courage to make plans in the long run. I would like to become a graduate of the faculty I started now, to become a teacher, like my mother, and to write and publish many books.

REPORTER: I know you like dancing. Was it a dream since you were little or was it a fresh hobby?

ANDREEA: I love dancing because music and dance color life. It’s a passion from my childhood, because my mother loves dancing and inspires my love for beauty. Now the dance for me has become an escape.

REPORTER: What should motivate us every day?

ANDREEA: As people we are accustomed to complain about the problems we have and forget to enjoy small things. It motivates me tomorrow, the fact that I get a chance every day to turn my dreams into reality.

REPORTER: How could the world be happier in Romania today?

ANDREEA: Enjoying us every day, every second because we never know when we lose what we have.

This year, Andreea Ioana Floare started her studies at the Faculty of Letters and Arts, at “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu.

Andreea still needs medical investigation and support from all of us. Those who want can make donations online via Facebook.



We are glad that in 2018 we could also take part in such an event and we could be with people who really need our help.

Takeover: “Here For You” Association: Under the auspices of “Be part of the story”, nearly 200 people were present at the “Here For You” Gala in Brasov on Friday evening. The guests enjoyed special moments, prepared by the organizers, and made important donations for the two serious medical cases in the Association’s records. The highlight was the auction of paintings signed by Dan Mălureanu, but especially the auction of the painting offered by Ovidiu Carpuşor and awarded with the sum of 10,000 lei.

VIO_8224The artists Paula Seling, Florin Chilian and Ioana Bozga, pro-bono attendees at the event, have maintained the Gala atmosphere and have gathered a bunch of applause from the guests.


And Andrea Marin was delighted to return to Brasov, expressing her opinion through a post on her official Facebook page.

“Fresh air from Brasov, snow and sun today. A freshness of this place of story that I always rediscovered with the same joy. He is left in the evening and a gala of soul is waiting for me, whose host is “Here for You”.

It was the second year in a row when the “Here For You” Association, together with the Advertising Agency “AdTeam” Braşov, organizes this event for the benefit of serious social and medical cases.

The money collected after the charity event will be redirected to the two children, Razvan and Cristina, who need urgent help.

Razvan is 13 years old and urgently needs a kidney transplant, and the costs of investigations and surgery amount to over 2,000 euros. Due to lack of donors, kidney for child will be donated by his mother. “I am the mother of two beautiful children, a 12-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. Our problems started in 2015, at first, after a series of analyzes we made to the boy. The diagnosis made by doctors was ruthless: “heart failure” with birth defects and “stage 5 kidney failure”. Needs are a lot when you have a sick and tiny child, “says Veronica, the boy’s mother. Razvan is now making dialysis from 4 to 4 hours.

We are also next to Cristina, a beautiful young woman aged 13 and over. It’s totally paralyzed. He was born with a heart malformation, a “hole” that at the age of five was operated and “plugged” with a “paw” by doctors. In April 2017, it was briskly operated, but during the operation, the child’s brain was no longer oxygenated, Father says, and paralyzed. Various steps have been taken to change the girl’s condition. The only result was a few injections that helped the girl so she started to move her hand and smile. An injection costs 500 lei, and the family is already in high debt. The girl should do two such injections per week, but for lack of money the treatment is not kept as it should. In addition, there are other huge costs for recovery exercises and other medical investigations.

GRY_4261 VIO_7894

In 2017, the funds obtained under the Charity Gala have been redirected to support a social case. Cara Maria, 48, mother of two beautiful children, urgently needed a leg prosthesis. It was bought and also throughout the year, Cara Maria received material and emotional support from the Association. Two or three times a week, Cara Maria went with us to St. Constantine Hospital, where she received expensive medical treatments to treat her varicose ulcer. Last but not least, Marriage has been followed by a long line of medical investigations, which has revealed the serious illnesses it suffers, the genetic mutations “Factor V Leiden” and “Lupus”, a crticle from a medical point of view. At this time, Maria continues the treatment for all of this and will remain in the record of the “Here For You” Association.

PARTNERS: AdTeam Brasov; Aro Palace Brasov; Avevent Brasov; D.O Security; PhotoHotel; Famous House of Fashion; Artemis Models Brasov; Gerry Husti Photography; Institution of Prefect County of Brasov; General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Protection Braşov; The Social Services Directorate of Brasov; The County Agency for Payments and Social Inspection Brasov; “Tudor Ciortea” Music High School, Brasov; Transilvania Art Gallery; Cultural Association “Fanzin” Brasov; Community of friends “Party for You” Braşov;

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We get them out of anonymity, and YOU make the difference by changing their life story.



For this wonderful man we managed to make a donation. A great man who needs our help. Hurt by a serious illness, Roxana still has the power to move on.

Her story, presented by the “Here For You” Association: Most of the time, life does not announce, and suffering, sorrow, pain, problems, strikes lightly. This is the case with Roxana Muntean, a 25-year-old from Codlea, Brasov County. A special soul, a beautiful girl whose life reserved something other than a normal life. A few months ago, representatives of the “Here for You” Association in Braşov met Roxana in a small, modest and … rented apartment, where she currently lives with her mother, brother and sister.

You may wonder why I live in rent, but where is the girl’s father? Well, a few months ago, Roxana took his family and moved from their home where they lived with their father. Roxana told us that all this happened because of the fact that for more than five years the scandals were holding a chain in the Muntean family, and lately the man threatened to kill his family. Moreover, there has been an attempt in this regard.

Although they moved into rent, the four (Roxana, sister, brother and mother) are very hard-working, and that’s because only Sister Roxana and her friend who helps her with money work. There is very little, however, in the conditions in which this family has been hit by illness. Two years ago, in 2015, Roxana learned she was suffering from a serious illness, endometriosis. He then underwent the first surgery.

Extensive medical investigations, advanced medical treatment, and diet are all very expensive. Roxana’s medical problems have expanded rapidly, and now his kidneys, lungs and not only have been affected. She was gone to France, where she had two other operations. It was not enough to heal this serious illness.

For this disease, a very strict dietary, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet is required. All of this, given that they do not even have a stove where they can eat.


At its first edition, “Aici pentru tine” Charity Gala was a real success. Almost 100 guests responded positively to the invitation and the event brought in the same place businessmen from Brașov and Romania and different local autorithies.

The guests received a great menu, and the good atmosphere was guaranteed by Trupa 6, Claudia Șuteu, Ioana Bozga and by the children from the Music Highschool and “Dance with me Studio” dance club.

Andreea Marin was the special guest and the MC of this gala, which was made for the children from orphanages and for a special case, Cara Maria, a young woman with a tough live who urgently needs a prosthesis for her leg.

She discovered that she had venous ulcer. For 9 months, she had fought with the disease, but at 31 the doctors told her that her leg must be amputated. After a period and more analyzes, she discovered that she had venous ulcer at her left leg too.

Speed&Trust accepted the invitation at this event, because we want to bring the word together, to become better people and to help the people who really need us. Also, our company received a diploma for “Social Responsibility”, from the organizers for our action in 2016.

“Aici pentru tine” Charity Gala was organized by “Aici pentru tine” Association together with the agency of publicity “AdTeam”.