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Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, Speed ​​& Trust offers you efficient transport solutions at the best prices on the market.

WOOD industry: Transport in the wood industry. The services offered by Speed ​​& Trust are perfect for any type of customer and any type of merchandise, regardless of its size or weight. In addition to the performance and versatility we offer, we offer our clients high quality transport services and professional assistance.

GAS & OIL industry: Transport in the GAS & OIL industry. With extensive experience in the field, our experts are prepared for any type of transport of dangerous goods, fuels and gases. We offer complete documentation, consultancy and the most cost-effective way to safely transport goods. Authorized means of transport and ADR accredited drivers.

AUTO industry: The auto industry is booming, and we come with a helping hand in the delivery of cars. We offer different types of trailers for transportation anywhere in the world.

PHARMA industry: Transport in the PHARMA industry? The pharmaceutical industry produces and sells medicines for the treatment and prevention of diseases. We offer transports with controlled temperature, complete documentation and 24/7 consulting.

FOOD industry: Perishable food must be transported under the best conditions, under controlled temperature and in superior hygiene conditions. At Speed ​​& Trust we offer the highest quality logistics services and international standards.

ENERGY industry: Transport in the ENERGY industry. The electric and thermal energy industry is a basic branch of the heavy industry, which produces electric and thermal energy, exploiting natural resources (coal, oil, natural gas, wood, waterfalls, fissile materials, etc.). This branch also includes the transport and distribution of electrical and thermal energy.


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Additional Services for industrial transports

You do not have to worry about the route and the transportation process – we can give you daily notifications regarding the status of transport by e-mail or by phone


Special outsized transportation


Route studies and monitoring


Authorized civilian escorts, police escorts



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