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10 tons of wood, for poor families, brought by Speed&Trust

2017-02-10 0Social Involvement

Not less than 10 tons of wood were donated by a company from Vâlcea to four families which “Aici pentru tine” Association is responsible for. People were short of wood and they were freezing together with their children.

Last night, the first transport of wood, arrived at two of the families, one from Ghimbav and the other one from Săcele, Brașov county. The representatives of the Association, together with some volunteers, started working and moved the wood.

These days, a new transport will arrive at other two families, from Căpeni and Vama Buzăului. 10 tons of wood, transported with 2 trucks, were donated to these families.

The transports were made by us and they were free of charge. We like to get involved in the life of our community and this is just one good thing from all the things we do.

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