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Internal or international transportation, normal or hazardous, oversized or with controlled temperature? Everything is possible!

Our priorities: time, the shortest route and safety

Our Flexibility becomes your advantage!

Speed & Trust is here for you by offering the best solutions for your needs no matter the type of goods that you wish to transport. We work with national and international companies so that we can deliver the goods safely.

Where do we deliver?

We offer complete service worldwide.

The services offered by Speed & Trust are perfect for any type of client and any type of goods, no matter the size and weight. Besides the performance and versatility that we offer, we also provide our clients with superior quality transportation services and professional assistance for helping their business to grow!

If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will provide you with the best solutions for your business.

P.S. You don’t have to worry about the route or the transportation process – we can provide daily notifications by email or phone about the status of your transportation.

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Efficiency and quality

General goods transportation

Vans and cars with tarpaulin and a small volume – fast delivery, urgent courier services, express deliveries (volume in between 10-19m3)
– Trucks ( volume in between 35-45 m3)
– Tarpaulin trucks (approximate volume of 90m3)
– Mega trucks XL code – especially for big volume or big size goods (approximate volume of 96-100 m3)
– Big volume trucks – especially for big volume goods (approximate volume of 120 m3)
– Light vehicles with tarpaulin – for textile goods, for personal goods/ furniture etc. (volume in between 35-40 m3)
– Jumbo trucks with tarpaulin – for big volume or big size goods (approximate volume of 95m3)

More care?

Temperature controlled transportation

• Loading capacity between 1 and 22 tons
• Temperature controlled trucks (the interior temperature can be maintained from -25 degrees Celsius to +35 degrees Celsius)
• Trucks with 2 temperatures (BiTemp)
• Dopple Stock trucks

100 % Trust

ADR Transportation

We offer authorized means of transportation and ADR authorized drivers. The dangerous goods that will be transported can be solids or liquids. We can also offer the possibility of transporting weapons and ammunition with ADR1 cars.

Additional Services


We offer you custom clearance facilities and/or document facilities

Packaging and quality check

Through the additional services we also have packaging and quality check.

Insurance for the goods

It’s better to prevent than to fix, right? The insurance is the best prevention method

Road Transportation

More for you

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with the best solutions for you business’s needs.