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We provide the necessary logistics for the transport of the COVID-19 vaccine, anywhere in the world. As the world’s states prepare to receive the most anticipated vaccine of the moment, as soon as it becomes available, Speed & Trust is preparing to provide the infrastructure needed for exceptional and safe transportation for the Covid-19 vaccine.

This requires special delivery conditions, at a controlled temperature, in an optimal time and in a sterile environment.

Speed & Trust can provide all these necessary conditions.


Some of the special conditions:

  • transport at temperatures of -70, -75, -80 degrees Celsius.
  • the vaccine is kept in dry ice.
  • special and sterile handling conditions.
  • the vaccine is delivered in a short time. It is administered within a maximum of 7-14 days from manufacture.
  • the boxes are opened a maximum of twice a day and not more than one minute.


Speed & Trust collaborates with national and international authorities, and transports are carried out on specially made road and air corridors.




Albăstrelelor Street No.2
Brașov, România

Airport Business Center
Otopeni, Ilfov, C1 Bldg. 224 E
Calea Bucureștilor, Cod: 075100

Port Constanta, Schenker building,
berth 15, Floor 5, room 510.



Speed ​​& Trust transports all merchandise in compliance with coronavirus protection rules. Priority for our transports will have the Food, Pharma, Sience & Technology industries.

Our company works with partners in Asia to purchase and deliver protective masks, disinfectants and other sanitary materials.

Speed & Trust collaborates with national and international authorities, and transports are carried out on road and air corridors, specially made available for freight transport.


Tel: + 40724235500

Transportation does NOT stop!

The Speed ​​& Trust team is adapting to the current global situation, and from today we are ready to offer you transport services with the maximum protection when transmitting the coronavirus. We also carry food transports, perishable transports, transports of hygienic products, but also transports of medical products. Any request is treated with priority!

Biosecured transport!

In this difficult time for everyone, we have mobilized, and our carriers are trained to the highest standards to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Exclusively, in Romania, Speed ​​& Trust transports all types of goods under biosecurity conditions.

Speed ​​& Trust fights Covid-19

We are here 24/7 to provide you with the support you need during these difficult times globally. Our dedicated team offers you the best logistics solution with a smile and work from home.


Speed ​​& Trust received notifications from airlines to inform customers about the new coronavirus.

Several airlines around the world are temporarily suspending part of their flights to China. These include Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, which suspends flights to and from mainland China until February 9th. Flights to and from Hong Kong are unaffected. I also received a notification regarding the cessation of flights from British Airways.

The situation is closely monitored by our operators and we return with information as we have them.

Speed ​​& Trust will continue to provide you with the highest quality services, and together we will find the best logistics solutions for your needs.

For details do not hesitate to contact us!

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– Pharma & Biotechnology Industry – an Engine of Innovation, Perishable, Aerospace, Automotive Industries, 24/7 REACHEBLE TEAM.



– Multimodal movement of over-dimensional and heavy equipment on Generator Hire, Energy, Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, Aerospace, Defense&Military Industries.


  • Personalised & Innovative moving services for individuals
  • VIP Logistics and Business – Corporate relocation
  • Vehicle Shipping, pet, fine art


After more than two weeks of intense involvement and preparations, in a busy month, speed & trust company managed to transport by air, the sets of a play, tour-return, just in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The Odeon Theatre in Bucharest will participate in the th edition of the festival of the theatre days of Carthage, the first and only African-Arab festival in the world, open to international experiences.

A team of pofesioniști worked every day for the transport to be carried out in the safest and best conditions. Speed & trust secured the packaging of decoration parts, their air transport, unpacking, reîmpachetarea and return transport to Romania. The dimensions of the decor were atypical for air transport, but however speed & trust complies with the conditions of air operators and the transport was a success. #tunis #romania #airfreight #freight #worldwide#transports #international #logistics #speedtrust