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After more than two weeks of intense involvement and preparations, in a busy month, speed & trust company managed to transport by air, the sets of a play, tour-return, just in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The Odeon Theatre in Bucharest will participate in the th edition of the festival of the theatre days of Carthage, the first and only African-Arab festival in the world, open to international experiences.

A team of pofesioniști worked every day for the transport to be carried out in the safest and best conditions. Speed & trust secured the packaging of decoration parts, their air transport, unpacking, reîmpachetarea and return transport to Romania. The dimensions of the decor were atypical for air transport, but however speed & trust complies with the conditions of air operators and the transport was a success. #tunis #romania #airfreight #freight #worldwide#transports #international #logistics #speedtrust