Roxana Muntean, a soul we are next to

2017-09-19 0Social Involvement


For this wonderful man we managed to make a donation. A great man who needs our help. Hurt by a serious illness, Roxana still has the power to move on.

Her story, presented by the “Here For You” Association: Most of the time, life does not announce, and suffering, sorrow, pain, problems, strikes lightly. This is the case with Roxana Muntean, a 25-year-old from Codlea, Brasov County. A special soul, a beautiful girl whose life reserved something other than a normal life. A few months ago, representatives of the “Here for You” Association in Braşov met Roxana in a small, modest and … rented apartment, where she currently lives with her mother, brother and sister.

You may wonder why I live in rent, but where is the girl’s father? Well, a few months ago, Roxana took his family and moved from their home where they lived with their father. Roxana told us that all this happened because of the fact that for more than five years the scandals were holding a chain in the Muntean family, and lately the man threatened to kill his family. Moreover, there has been an attempt in this regard.

Although they moved into rent, the four (Roxana, sister, brother and mother) are very hard-working, and that’s because only Sister Roxana and her friend who helps her with money work. There is very little, however, in the conditions in which this family has been hit by illness. Two years ago, in 2015, Roxana learned she was suffering from a serious illness, endometriosis. He then underwent the first surgery.

Extensive medical investigations, advanced medical treatment, and diet are all very expensive. Roxana’s medical problems have expanded rapidly, and now his kidneys, lungs and not only have been affected. She was gone to France, where she had two other operations. It was not enough to heal this serious illness.

For this disease, a very strict dietary, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet is required. All of this, given that they do not even have a stove where they can eat.

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