Speed ​​& Trust transports all merchandise in compliance with coronavirus protection rules. Priority for our transports will have the Food, Pharma, Sience & Technology industries.

Our company works with partners in Asia to purchase and deliver protective masks, disinfectants and other sanitary materials.

Speed & Trust collaborates with national and international authorities, and transports are carried out on road and air corridors, specially made available for freight transport.


Tel: + 40724235500

Transportation does NOT stop!

The Speed ​​& Trust team is adapting to the current global situation, and from today we are ready to offer you transport services with the maximum protection when transmitting the coronavirus. We also carry food transports, perishable transports, transports of hygienic products, but also transports of medical products. Any request is treated with priority!

Biosecured transport!

In this difficult time for everyone, we have mobilized, and our carriers are trained to the highest standards to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Exclusively, in Romania, Speed ​​& Trust transports all types of goods under biosecurity conditions.

Speed ​​& Trust fights Covid-19

We are here 24/7 to provide you with the support you need during these difficult times globally. Our dedicated team offers you the best logistics solution with a smile and work from home.


Transport Report – February 2020: Month by month Speed & Trust presents “Transport Report“. A retrospective of the most important actions of the company over the last 30 days.

February of this year started for Speed & Trust as it could not be better. We became a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, a network that allows us to be better prepared for any challenge from Project Cargo and oversized transportation.

As far as logistics services are concerned, well, out of the 478 orders, this month we received some special orders. However, at every challenge for the Speed & Trust team, we say it CAN, and the missions are successful. Basically, logistics means having the right resources, at the right time, but especially at the right place.

On the other hand, the Speed & Trust team was present this month in Dubai at the Breakbulk Middle East Trade Show.


Electric transformers transport, a challenge

A 27.5 tonne transformer, transported from Sibiu to Constanța. But his unloading, a challenge.

I had the challenge of bringing a transformer from Sibiu to Constanța, in a station located near the County Hospital, and the space was very very limited and I did not have access by crane either. So we had to unload the transformer with hydraulic jacks. Unloading is very time consuming and takes a long time. The transformer had to be turned 90 degrees in order to be in position. Prior to this step, the old transformer was first removed“, said Miklos – Andras Szekreny, project manager at Speed ​​& Trust.

Also, in February, another transformer of about 40 tons was taken to the station in Iasi. His unloading was “simpler”, but a 200-ton crane was needed to handle it.

We took care of these end2end projects, we went personally to analyze the conditions in the field, so that when loading / unloading we have no impediments, being high voltage stations.

40 generators, moved from Scotland to Arad in record time of 2 weeks

One of the projects was to move about 40 containers from England to Arad. It is a project that started last year and due to the teaching conditions at CET Arad has been delayed. We quoted for this project the idea that we were going to make intermodal transport, being a cheaper solution. Subsequently, everything was rushed by the client, and the deadline moved on February 14, the date when all the generators had to be in Romania. I had it available for two weeks and the only reliable solution was road transport. We had to identify the partners who can help us in this project and two days before the deadline we managed to deliver everything successfully. It was a challenge because it was a large freight volume and because the prices offered to the customer were based on solutions that could not be used at the time. We were in time, in costs, and the impeccable organization, team spirit and involvement, ensured our success”, says Ionuț Oancea, Area Sales Manager at Speed ​​& Trust.

Beam transported from Cluj to Rotterdam

Another interesting project this month for the Speed ​​& Trust team was carrying out a large beam transport.

We received a request from the client to load for Rotterdam from Cluj-Napoca a beam which was part of a large tonnage. The beam had 27 tons. What was more difficult was the fact that after the offer was made the client found that he could not finish the piece in Cluj and had to move to Oradea. The deadlines were off by about two weeks, from the initial estimated time until the song was actually uploaded. However, the track was uploaded on Monday, as I received confirmation of loading late Friday evening. The reaction time was very short for us, but we were able to load exactly as the client wanted. Delivery to Rotterdam was completed successfully“, said Ionuț Oancea, Area Sales Manager at Speed ​​& Trust.


Speed ​​& Trust team in Dubai

Speed ​​& Trust is a member of several global alliances, and at the end of February we represented the company in Dubai at the Breakbulk Middle East Trade Show and a meeting with members of the Project Partners alliance. We have met many logistics service providers from the Middle East, Europe and even representatives from the United States and Canada. When you are in an alliance you have many opportunities because you become practically unique representative in Romania for our partners and then, any request is addressed only to us, and when we have requests to more exotic countries we have our partners. trust and solutions come much easier. Communication is more open”, said Ionuț Oancea, Area Sales Manager at Speed ​​& Trust.


Speed ​​& Trust in the fight for COVID-19

Speed ​​& Trust will continue to provide you with the highest quality services, and together we will find the best logistics solutions for your needs.

We are here with clients and partners and offer impeccable services, we support them 100% with the best solutions adapted to the current needs and conditions. We have twice daily updates on what routes and airports we have available for freight traffic in air transport. We are constantly aware of the situation of customs and of each country separately to find the best options”, says Raluca Petrescu, General Manager at Speed ​​& Trust.

Regardless of the goods you want to transport you can contact us, and Speed ​​& Trust will provide you with the necessary consultancy and the highest quality services for your delivery to be successful and in the best conditions.

The coronavirus pandemic is closely monitored by our operators and we return with information as we have them.





Speed&Trust means more than “speed and trust”, it means years of experience, a team of professionals and a precise management of every transportation that we handle. We put safety on the first place and together we find solutions for the delivery to be made as soon as possible.

Our wish is to attract clients by offering quality services, punctuality and accessible prices.

  • Member of Project Logistics Alliance
  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Turnover Euro 2.3 mil 3.7 mil 4.3 mil 4.9 mil 5.2 mil
Clients 478 780 1030 1570 1974
Carriers 706 1115 1517 1620 1830
Truck loads 2312 2963 3208 4719 5122
Oversized transports 226 684 1164 1754 2044
Air freight 0 45 320 720 1024
Time Critical / biological samples – Air freight   211 445 520
Employees 5 9 12 16 16
Quality incidents 0 0 0 0 0



EUR: 20,4 mil

Clients: 5.832

Truck loads: 18,324

Oversized transports: 5,944

Air freight: 2,109

Time critical Air freight: 1,176


New awards:

  • 2nd place in the National Top of Companies 2019, county phase, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brașov, category Freight transport by road
  • 1st place in Top Business Romania 2019, small businesses, Brașov city, domain: 49 land and pipeline transport, according to 2018 balance
  • 2nd place in Top Business Romania 2019, small businesses, Brașov, domain: 49 land and pipeline transport, according to 2018 balance
  • 3rd place in Top Business Romania 2019, companies with Romanian capital, Brașov city, domain: 4941 freight road transport, according to 2018 balance
  • 2nd place in Top Business Romania 2019, small businesses, Brașov city, domain: 4941 freight road transport, according to 2018 balance
  • 2nd place in the National Top of Companies 2018, the county phase, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brasov, the category Road freight transport


News 2020

– Development of STAR / PREMIUM products
– 24/7 Dedicated team
– New special services: DGR, Live animals, AOG, Perishable
– New NATO projects
– PERSONALIZED services per customer


GOALS 2020



Speed & Trust has received great news, and we are now ready to share it with you. There it is:

”PLA is introducing  Speed&Trust for Romania

Dear Members, Partners, and Friends,


We are pleased to introduce a new member of the Project Logistics Alliance to you: Speed&Trust has joined our network as project logistics forwarder in Romania.

Speed&Trust takes care of of the transportation (door-to-door transportation included) but also offers their support in additional services like planning the route, creating a schedule, obtaining the necessary documents and authorizations from the very beginning until the end, all to allow saving cost and energy by efficient planning.

The services of Speed&Trust include oversized and heavy lift cargo, the transport of road, air and sea freight, warehousing, vendor management, and consulting. The dedicated project team is ready to take care of your project from the beginning until the end. They can literally transport anything for you, from the Steel industry to Industrial Equipment, Installations, farm equipment and construction materials, Heavy vehicles, Transport of naval equipment or products from oil, energy and chemical industries.

For more information and support, please contact:

Raluca Petrescu


Welcome to the Project Logistics Alliance, Speed&Trust!”

We are pleased and honored to be a member of the Project Logistics Alliance. Thank you!


In 2020 we look at new horizons and we start with new goals. In addition, we are ready to provide you with the highest quality services in the field of logistics. With a vast experience and a team of professionals, dedicated 24/7 to your clients, your business will be on the right track.

Here are just a few of them:
✈️ Industry segmentation and development
✈️ Agricultural logistics
✈️ Beverage logistics
✈️ Renewable energy
✈️ Freight transport to Africa

Our purpose is different from our competitors, because your satisfaction is most important to us. We recognize that each transport has its needs, and for this we can offer customized and suitable packages for any type of goods. The services offered by Speed & Trust are perfect for any type of customer and any type of merchandise, regardless of its size or weight. In addition to the performance and versatility we offer, we provide our clients with high quality transport services and professional assistance to help their business grow!

As you know, in 2019 we launched new services for you and your company. These include Premium Logistics (V.I.P), but also Logistics Consulting.

What does Logistics Consulting mean?

We help you to improve logistics services by efficiently managing costs and optimizing transport operations.

We assist you in the execution of domestic and international trade, providing you, over 10 years, an exceptional customer service.

We offer solutions that help your company reduce transportation costs and eliminate inefficiency in the logistics process.

We help you evaluate the risks that may arise in the logistics and transport process by knowing each business and by combining it with our experience in logistics.

The logistics services and operations provided are becoming more and more challenging. Thus, the need for knowledgeable experts – not only in the field of logistics, but also in individual sectors, arises.

Speed ​​& Trust Consulting has all these experts. The purpose of your project is unimportant – whether it involves global transportation services or special actions on a smaller scale – your company is in good hands with us. Speed ​​& Trust Consulting develops a logistics concept with you, and it is specially designed for your business and your company.

Many small and medium-sized businesses complain about lack of productivity and high costs, but do not know their reasons or how they could save. We evaluate the costs and support you in the process of reducing costs by analyzing the supply and logistics processes. Our consulting company designs individual and innovative solutions for each business / company.

Interested in a collaboration with Speed ​​& Trust? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Str. Blăstrelelor 2, Brașov 500381, Romania Henri Coanda Intl Airport, Airport Business Center, C1 Bldg. 224 E Calea Bucureștilor, 075100 Otopeni, Jud. Ilfov, Romania, EU +40368410007 info@speed-trust.com w www.speed-trust.com


These days  Speed&Trust is at the Africa Logistics Network in Istanbul. Between October 13 and 16, over 130 logistics agencies around the world participate in one of the most important profile conferences. www.speed-trust.com.

“Why a new network? We believe that the 21st century is the African one and we want to be the freight network for the new century.

Why a new network?

At the end of the last century, there is the important creation of international transports, freight forwarders from all over the world and who have given information about men, then there is a relationship with their agencies abroad and it was enough ”.

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Freight is not easy at all. Who do you contact? Who loads and unloads the goods? Is your merchandise insured? Will it reach its destination well? During the time you want? The more difficult it may seem to be international freight. Moreover, it can be extremely important for the type of goods you want to transport, but also the costs you are exposed to.

At Speed ​​& Trust, however, we learned to put quality and efficiency above all, but at the same time we also set a great price for each client. Moreover, we can transport any type of goods, safely, insured and in the best possible time. Each transport is carefully supervised by our operators from departure to destination.

Efficient freight, in just three easy steps!

  1. Check the website www.speed-trust.com and see the services we offer.
  2. Determine the type of freight you want to transport, the shipping address and the delivery address.
  3. Fill out an offer request and an operator will answer you for sure.

Besides efficient transportation solutions we also offer you:

  • The complete documents
  • Custom’s taxes
  • Fiscal representation
  • Preassembly
  • Labeling
  • Packaging solutions
  • Additional insurance

For everything we offer you SPOC – “single point of contact”


We offer complete services worldwide.

Worried about the logistics? There’s no need to. We take care of everything from the beginning until the end.

P.S. You don’t have to worry about the route or the transportation process – we can provide daily notifications by email or phone about the status of your transportation.

We can assure you of our professionalism and the quality of our services through our ISO 9001 and 14001 Certifications and our business insurance for the goods we transport.

Remember: the right plan means saving money and energy.