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2018-04-01 0Speed&Trust

We know the people, we know the goods we transport. We understand every detail of production and every problem we might have during the transports. Even tough, IT IS POSSIBLE! It is our motto, and our passion and confidence help us to offer good services to our clients, according to their needs.

Speed&Trust means more than “speed and trust”, it means years of experience, a team of professionals and a good management of every transport. Safety is on the first place, and together we find solutions to transport the goods as fast as possible.

We have an impressive fleet, we study projects of transport and we obtain the best route for every transport. We offer services of heavy transport, road transport, sea freight, rail freight, custom services and storage services.

We will take care of everything and we will obtain the authorisations and projects of transport, we will study the routes and obtain authorisations for police’s escort or civil escort.

We bring the world together through national and international transports!

Values: quality, experience, professionalism, courage, dedication, confidence, flexibility.

Mission: Our mission is to offer the most qualitative services, in conditions of maximum safety and in a reasonable time.

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